Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inspiration Star

 As you know from my sosorosey shop, stars have long held a special place in my heart.  So, I set out to find an origami star that I loved (and could make!).  And tahdah!
This is called modular origami- when a finished product is put together from several folded units.  This one is made from 8 units that I folded from 6" square origami paper. 
The finished star measures 8.5" across!  I am SO excited to make one of these from vintage fabric.  An original "vinspiration star"!  Unfortunately, I don't think I have time to prep any fabric before my trip.  But, I have something else in mind to try tonight.  Stay tuned!!
Before I get carried away- be honest... is this something that you think would appeal to people?  They are flat, but they can be pinned to a corkboard or hung with a length of fishing line or framed...
Thoughts and ideas are much appreciated!


Cerise said...

I think they would be beautiful framed in a shadow box.

gillyflower said...

I think its a great idea Jennie, the paper one here is gorgeous, and before i had finished reading your post my mind was already whizzing along thinking how to make it from fabric too!
Would you starch the fabric first or would just pressing hold the folds?
I made some large stars from patterned paper last Xmas, a different design from yours, and have ever since been thinking of making them up in fabric, but my design would def have to use spray starch.
Go for it, I think they would be very versatile as a decoration!
Gill xx

Jennie said...

Thanks so much for the support and encouragement, Cerise and Gill!

Gill- I do a combination of fabric treatment and pressing in order to stiffen the fabric enough to fold. I think it might depend on the inticacy of the design. Flat items would probably be ok with just pressing, but things like the boxes I make in sosofabulous need the stiffening in order to be fully functional and long-lasting.

emily said...

Pretty! But, for me, functionality is huge. I think these would make really pretty clocks. You can buy the clock components and insert it through the center and they will be all ready to hang on the wall. Or, a smaller version would be a nice xmas tree ornament. Or, I think these would make really pretty frames. If you could somehow add a plastic slot on the front, or clips, or maybe people could just tape their photo in the center?

Runs With Scissors said...

I made a different style of the fabric star. I used Christmas colors, added a small ribbon with a bead on it and hung them from my Christmas tree.

I love the colors of yours, totally awesome! I think it would be neat with patriotic colors.

I must get a photo of the fabric ball ornament I made! Put that on the list of things to do.

Jennie said...

Karen- I'd love to see yours!

Emily- as always, great ideas- thank you! I am a functionality minded person as well, and you've really given me some food for thought about this one!