Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lizard Love

Behold the Collared Lizard!  We found this little friend while we were hiking north of Moab yesterday.  It isn't strange to see lizards in general out here, but this species is a rare sight.  His colors are so bold against the muted desert landscape, and he let us get within a foot or two to get this photo.  He's about full grown at almost 12 inches long snout to tail, and he stood his ground valiantly.  What a treat!


Runs With Scissors said...

WOW! Those colors are amazing!

CelticKnot said...

He's beautiful! What a special moment. :-)

Teapot Lane said...

AAaaw Jennie, he is so cute!! I love the colours -he is absolutely beautiful!!

Thankyou so much for sharing my lovely. Hope you're having the most fantastic time and have caught up on your sleep!! :o)


gillyflower said...

He doesnt look real! Like a creature from a Pixar movie! Nature is amazing, and he certainly stands out, but you would think in those surroundings nature would have camoflaged him!Maybe he has no natural predators in this area.
Thanks for sharing all these wonderful holiday photos Jennie - I have worked my way backwards with the most recent post first, and have enjoyed my holiday with you!
Hope you've had a great family break and come home re-charged if not rested!
Gill xx