Monday, August 6, 2012

Makeover Monday: 8/6

Sophie won this little turtle when we went to Dutch Wonderland earlier this summer.  Last week, she brought him to me, upset that one of his eyes was ravelled.  I told her I would fix it.  Each day, she would come check on my progress.  And each day that I didn't fix it, my mom guilt grew and grew. 
One day, I picked it up and fumbled with the ravelling eye.  Apparently it was attached to the other eye, and the only thing to do was remove them both.  This was a deep concern to my girl- a no-eyed turtle just wouldn't do.  Her progress checks increased in frequency and urgency.
Finally, I hauled out my sewing box and beads and gave the creature his looks and sight back.  More importantly, I made my daughter's day.  We moms need to remember to make time for the little things, since they are often what matters most to our little ones.


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This so rings a bell with me....

He is a cute turtle tho'.. :o)