Saturday, August 11, 2012

They Like Me

They really like me!  Those of you with facebook fans in the hundreds and twitter followers in the thousands are sure to giggle at this post. That's OK.  When I started my sosovintage facebook page, I really wasn't sure I'd ever get 10 people to give me the thumbs up.  When I checked in recently and saw "67" I thought, "I need to do something special at 70 to show my excitement and appreciation".  So, today is the day!  There's a 24 hour facebook special posted for all sosovintage fans... if you aren't one yet, just like the site and shop.  Easy peasy!  Find me on facebook HERE.  Happy shopping!
In other wonderful news, the best mother in the world is having a birthday today!  I can't wait to celebrate with her in person next weekend!
Off to the PWC fair today... fingers crossed for no rain!


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Hey! Congratulations on getting 70 followers on Facebook!! Yayhay :D

And congratulations to your lovely Mum on her special day too!! :D

The Prince William fair looks like fun!! I hope you have/had a fabulous time my dearie..
Enjoy the rest of your weekend too lovely Jennie.

mom said...

Congrats on your 70 ith!!

And Thank You for the Mom B-day compliment!! We are having a fabulous time here at the inner harbor! Just finished lunch in little Italy (wonderful) and stopped by the hotel to drop off the "couldn't eat" portion in our room refridge then off again to see the sights...there's a Whole Foods right around the corner....might check it out! xoxo