Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Favorite Fabric Finds

Loads of pretty flowers this week!

It's more rare to find mint green in vintage sheets, so I have to say the last one is my fave this week.  Fabric number 2 is 100% cotton, and that is a rarity as well.  I've had #1 and #4 before, but these are really beautiful fabrics that I was happy to find again.  If I remember correctly, #3 is a designer sheet-  Bill Blass I think.  Love those dainty dots and tendrils.
What's on the agenda for the weekend in your neck of the woods?  Here we will be finishing up a big school project and preparing for our Thanksgiving trip and birthday celebrations next week!


Shari said...

Your fabrics are always so pretty and cotton is surely a plus in my book. My plans will be baking, crocheting, baking, & crocheting....Happy days for me!

Teapot Lane said...

Love these fabrics Jennie. They're so pretty :)

I'm cleaning this weekend :(

Have a great weekend dearie.