Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ready to Roll

The other day, my blog friend Shari over at Lauren's Closet posted some beautiful pictures of salt dough ornaments that she made. These are not the clunky, chunky dough ornaments of yesteryear. Oh no. They are sweet and delicate and absolutely gorgeous.  See them for yourself right here!
Being the super generous person that she is, Shari has posted a salt dough ornament tutorial on her blog!  She has inspired me, and I'll bet she'll inspire you, too. 
In preparation for my "salt dough day with Sophie", I picked up this batch of Christmas cookie cutters at the thrift store yesterday.  $1.91 for the bag!
Same store, different bag, I found these snowflakes to use for the impressions.  We're off to the store in a bit to get our flour and salt.  While Sophie was impressed with the beauty of the ornaments we are going to make, she was a little dismayed that they look like "cookies you can't even eat".  So, in addition to the flour and salt, we'll be purchasing some cookie dough to bake while we're rolling and designing our ornaments.  ;)
If you decide to try your hand at these too, please send me photos!


Shari said...

Oh Jennie, how sweet are you to feature my salt dough ornaments on your blog....I hope you and your daughter have as much fun as me and Lauren did making these...have fun with it and be creative....making cookies also is a great idea for the ornaments truly look good enough to eat!!

20 North Ora said...

I just ready the same blog and am going to try those also. They look so pretty.


Proud Mama said...

Great Big Gobs of Good Luck, Jennie and Sophie!! No matter how wonderful they turn out you won't surpass the life long memory you and your girl are making!! I can't wait to see the ornaments AND the cookies!! What a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful Mama!!

Teapot Lane said...

Aaaaw,Bless her little poly's :)
I love that "Cookies you can't even eat..." LOL

I used to do this when the children were little, and funds were limited so we couldn't afford loads of 'play-dough'!
So it's lovely to see what Shari's made!! Much more classy and elegant, and salt dough for it's proper use!!

Just make sure neither of you have any cuts/scratches on your hands while using as that salt sure does sting ! (Yes I did find that out the hard way! lol)

Have great fun my lovely's, and I can't wait to see the results of your playing!!


P.s. Those cutters were bagain-isious!! :D xx