Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spotlight Saturday

Today all eyes are on the work of Karen from The Vintage Station!  Karen had been wanting to make a vintage ornament wreath for awhile, and she collected special ornaments from all over Pennsylvania on a weekend long shopping spree.  She was not looking forward to gluing them on a wreath form, though.  As luck would have it, she happened upon my blog post about the wreaths before she got started, and she decided to try the hanger version.
Just look at what she created!!  Isn't this gorgeous??  She and her husband came up with the fabulous idea of creating a hook and loop type closure with the hanger before any balls were ever added.  This gave her the flexibility to close up the wreath when she needed a break or wanted to check her progress.  It also made it easy for her to take them off and change things around when she felt like it. 

She was so pleased with her vintage creation that she decided to make two more smaller wreaths as well.  She used new ornaments and tried purchased wire for these, but found that there was some sag with the thinner wire.  So, she went back to the hanger method.  This one is the "shiny" wreath...

... and this one is a more matte, glittery style.
*APPLAUSE* for Karen!!!  These came out so beautiful that I am going to use her tips and try again.  Apparently some Nana in Gettysburg would like one for her very own, so Mike, Sophie and I have a weekend project lined up.  Will share the results next week.   Thanks so much for sharing your work, photos, and inspiration, Karen!!


Teapot Lane said...

Yay! For sharing Karen :)

I love those wreaths, specially the vintage one :)

Looking forward to seeing the results of your weekend project jennie....lucky nana ;)


Runs With Scissors said...

Thanks for the spotlight Jennie! It really is fun to make these, the longest part is hot gluing the tops to the ornaments, then it's a piece of cake. Do need that man for shaping the hanger, though!

I used 36 ornaments for the smaller ones, so you know about how many you'll need. The vintage one, I lost track of how many I used and then I added some plastic bells to it on top of the ornaments to fill in spaces.

Can't wait to see yours, Jennie!

g'burg nana said...

Beautiful work Karen!!!

YAHOOOOOO for Nana!!! :) Enjoy your family week-end project!!! I know it will turn out FABULOUS!!!! Lucky,lucky, Nana :)

VintageVendor said...

They are so pretty and unique.
My favorite is the vintage one at the
very top.