Sunday, January 20, 2013

Appliance Covers

I love the idea of a toaster cover.  I mean, who wants to look at a toaster?  I was so pleasantly surprised to find these new old stock linen covers at the thrift the other day!  These are the three prints I found, but I got a total of six covers.  SIX!
They all still have their original Parisian Prints stickers!  The top two are about 14" long, 7" deep and 6" wide.  The bottom one is 10" by 7.5" by 6".  Can you think of what you would do with them if you didn't use them for toasters?  Do you cover your appliances?


emily said...

Wow! Those are cool! I wouldn't cover my toaster because I wouldn't want to have to take the cover off and replace it all the time - we use our toaster several times a day. But I think those would be awesome for a sewer to make into a pillow or something!

Tami Crocheter said...

I have no Idea how I got your bLOG i AM GUESSING it had something to do with your crochet, I think I have been reading for at least 2 hours. It is probably the best written most amazing products some(fabrics) i even remember from my aunts and grandmother i can almost feel the softness. I love reading this

Jennie said...

Welcome, Tami! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment- it's ones like that that keep me writing, that's for sure :)

Donna x said...

Aaw, that is such a lovely comment from Tami!! I totally agree :D :D

Love these toaster covers Jennie. They're a brilliant find my lovely.

I don't use covers at the moment- Ithink because the children would drive me mad by not replacing them if they used anything! LOL

Big hugs to you our jennie. xxOOxx