Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday's Treat

I guess the kids cleaned out their folders at school for the new year, because last week Sophie came home with a giant passel of papers.  This is one of the pages in her "my family" book, and it is way too cute not to share.  You can click on the photo to enlarge and read easier.   Let's see if you can figure out that last word on line three :)


shari said...

Oh how sweet....your guess is good as mind for I can't figure that word out....to cute!

Anonymous said...

I think it says 'her muscles,' and Sophie is very proud that you have such big ones!! LOL

And now we know that not only should you be proud for losing that weight and being fit, but you also have muscles like popeye :D :D :D

This is so precious..one to keep :)


Anonymous said...

P.s. I'm the anonymous by the way, as for some reason I can't log into blogger.
xxOOxx Donna :D :D

Nana said...

Well said Donna!! I do believe she is saying herm-osols too! The drawings are pretty darn good too....that's my baby!!

Runs With Scissors said...

WAY too CUTE! Thanks for sharing!

TACIStudio said...

She is so cute... Adorable!