Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday's Treasure

Talented seamstress Kiley from New York recently shared this quirky and delightful quilt that she made for her son using some of her sosovintage fabrics.  I love that she didn't use a pattern and just let her imagination piece it together.  You can read more about Kiley and the process she used to make this sweet blankie on her blog, Always Come Home.   Enjoy!
PS- Still looking for more guesses on yesterday's post!  No one has gotten it yet :)


Runs With Scissors said...

Quilt is awesome! I love it.

Guess from yesterday's post? Curtains. :o) Bird cage covers. Appliance covers?

Anonymous said...

Love your customers quilt.
How lovely of her to share pictures with you :)

Hey, do we get to guess from yesterday on here too? If i do that only you know I've had two guesses, and you won't tell will you lovely jennie? :D

Brilliant yarn and paint matches by the way :D

xxOOxx Donna

Runs With Scissors said...


Runs With Scissors said...

What area of the house? Could it be something for her bathroom?

I got it! A coat for her sheep?

Jennie said...

Not for the bathroom, and not really for a specific room at all. It is for a specific purpose, and that has nothing to do with an animal. ;)

Runs With Scissors said...

um, not curtains though. Lamp shades? Okay, I give up!

Jennie said...

Sorry, Karen- I posted the answer on Wednesday's but not here. It's stair treads!!!