Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Antique Allure: The Old Lucketts Store

I went on a small road trip last weekend to Frederick, MD to meet an old friend for an overnight gab-fest. On my way, I passed the cutest store ever and vowed to make time to stop and shop on my way home. What a TREAT!!
The Old Lucketts Store, in Lucketts Corner, VA is a must-see for anyone who loves vintage, unique, shabby wonderful finds. I was in HEAVEN and could have easily spent the entire day there!

Customers are greeted indoors and out with the quirkiest blend of old and new-old around; rusted iron bird cages with sweet porcelain chickadees inside, multicolored pastel, chippy fence posts jutting out of a weathered barrel, stark white down comforters covering the oldest of wrought iron sleigh beds...I could go on and on!!

The inside of this treasure trove is at least three stories tall, with several rooms on each level. Each room is decorated beautifully, with bits and baubles perched just fetchingly so. Super high ceilings, festive music, and so much to see...I felt like my head was on a swivel as I oohed and ahhed through the store.
Pictured in this post are some of the items I couldn't resist; the pink and lavender pickets, the sweet cotton ball bunny, and more huck towels to add to my collection. The rose colored ones still have their original Filene's price tags: 39 cents!

I already have my next trip to Lucketts planned!
(Click on the picture of their website at the beginning of this post for more shop info and photos)
Do you have a favorite antique haunt? Do tell!!

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