Monday, May 25, 2009

Makeover Monday 5/25

I started with this amazing vintage sheet; can you get over the colors in this one?? I can't!!

I made a coaster...

and a bowl...

AND a pencil pot!
Voila!...Introducing the upcycled desk set. This one will be available in my shop this week for just $25.
What a fun gift for a graduate, or a co-worker, or your friend who has just opened their own Etsy shop! Super special hostess, housewarming, or birthday gift, too. The coaster is for the big cup of coffee, the bowl is for sticky note pads and paperclips, and the pencil pot- well, that's for pencils, pens, and even scissors.
What do you think of my new idea? What color set should I make next? Have you had any brainstorms of your own lately?


aandboriginals said...

Love it.... would love to see a set in greens!!!!!!!!

Great job Jennie!!

Audrey said...

I'm with aandboriginals on the color green!!

Me! said...

How clever you are! Your next deskset colors should be for the "man of the house or office"...something in shades of brown or seem to love those shades...even one in black...that would probably turn out great; what with Father's Day coming up...who knows how many wives or daughters would be interested...good luck!!

Cottage In The Sun said...

I think this is my favorite! I really like how you can almost still see the design!