Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Morning, Sunshine

You may remember this bundle of fabrics that I posted awhile ago...I was going to make a rug. Well, I changed my mind!

Ever since making those jersey knit nursery baskets, I've wanted to see what would happen if I used my large rug hook to make a basket out of regular cotton and cotton blend sheets. Since I had this fabric bundle all set aside, I went for it.
The result is awesome!! Not only is this basket pretty to look at, it is sturdy yet flexible and very functional. All the ideas that you all came up with for my rainbow bucket will work for this one, too. She even has small slot handles on each side- it would be fantastic to use to carry veggies in from the garden!
This one measures 11" wide and 7" high. She will be listed in my shop ($40) later in the week! Have you tried anything new lately? What was the result?


CelticKnot said...

Oh my goodness! I love it love it love it! Wonderful job, Jennie! :-) I've been trying my hand at making enormous origami lucky stars. It's been an interesting experience.

TheClayMuse said...

Wow that is just so pretty!
I've just started teaching myself to knit, and I'm trying to alter a pattern for the first time, aside from one row looking a bit off it seems to be working out very well!

Schar Freeman said...

Love the way you photographed this jennie. So fresh and fabulous! A great product!

I am attempting a lampshade handpainted ocean and palm trees with Kauai sand and shell added as a beach.

psssssssss..love you mix on your playlist..I popped it out and listening now (: