Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hey! You Crochet! Do You Think... could fix this for me??

My sister-in-law found a gorgeous poncho for her 2 year old at a consignment store. The only trouble was that once she got it home, she realized it was unraveling at the neck!! When we went to MA for Easter, she asked me if I could mend it. I have heard that jewelry peeps get asked to fix things all the time, but no one had ever asked this of me before. I said I would do my best.
Here's what I came up with! I found the origin of the unravelling, restitched what I could, and knotted off securely. It looked OK, but it didn't look great, so I decided to make and add a beaded rosette corsage. I'm pretty sure it looks better now than it ever did before (sorry Gap).
But really, what can't be fixed with a flower?
Have you ever been asked to use your craft skills to mend someone else's work? What did you say and do? Please share your story!!


Sygnet Creations said...

Every time someone finds out I can sew =) I do offer alteration services to active duty colleagues but I am asked more often than not; to mend hems, sew patches, fix seams, sew a button, and add length to the pants of a growing child.

I do enjoy the work and it has brought me some wonderful new customers. Once they see my office and work room it gives me a chance to talk Etsy! -then they are hooked!!!

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

That is beautiful! I'm too new to crochet to be asketd to repair something with yarn. I have been asked to repair baskets and wicker furniture though.

CelticKnot said...

Jennie, you did a wonderful job fixing it, and the flower is beautiful. :-) I am frequently brought necklaces and bracelets that broke, or earrings that need adjustments. I love it!

elenasworld said...

Beautiful mend of the shawl and i love the flower addition!
I have to say that the gorgeous purple chenille shawl my (ahem) sister-in-law made for my daughter is still my favorite baby gift of all time. She has been wearing it for over two years now, and I can never resist the urge to bring it out when it is sunny with a hint of windy!
Maybe someday they will make it into the shop too :)