Monday, May 11, 2009

Makeover Monday 5/11

I love, love, love the unique and beautiful texture created by, and embodied in, fabric crochet. Take a relatively "plain" pink cotton sheet, for example...

...cut it up, and voila!, a shabby chic pencil pot for your cottage office! The dimension and interest of the pink sheet is FAR from plain now, isn't it??

A tip about fabric crochet: to get a better feel for how a fabric will look once worked up, be sure to look at the front AND back of the fabric. This pink sheet, for example, is much lighter on the back, making the overall effect even more mottled and heavily textured.


On a different note, I have been out of the blog loop for a few days...lots going on around here for the Mother's Day weekend. So, how are you? What's new, and what have I missed? Fill me in by leaving a comment, please!


CelticKnot said...

Hi Jennie! I love this pencil pot. Who would have thought (other than you of course) that this watercolor-like sheet would produce such a gorgeous piece? I love your fabric tip. :-)

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

The pencil container is just beautiful. I got a camera for mother's day. Hopefully I'll have better photos on my blog now!