Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Adventures in Bulk

I recently decided to place my second bulk supply order. I was running out of boxes, and was also looking for some specific colors and products to help me further brand my "rosey" shop.

One of the things (besides packing tape), that I know I spend way too much money on when buying at craft stores is paper shred. I use it for lots of my wrapping, and it seems like I always need another package. I can get the kraft kind at the dollar store, but, as you may have guessed, I am a sucker for pink. The pink shred at Michael's is $2-$3 a package!

So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to purchase some with my order. Why it did not occur to me that over 11 pounds of shred might be too much is beyond me. I mean, I did wonder why of all of the things I ordered, that one had a big, red *oversized item* next to it on the invoice...but I let that go in the name of penny-pinching.

My giant box of shred arrived last week. I have to laugh out loud at this. For whatever reason I thought I would be getting bags of shred inside of a box. Hahahahahahahahaha. No. I literally have a giant sized box of pink shred!

I love it, but I am starting to believe there may be a Murphy's Law related to buying lots of packaging supplies. I am dying to use my new goodies, but I haven't sold anything since I got my order. O_O. I'm looking on the bright side, though. If Etsy would like to choose me as a featured seller, I am READY, man. Soooo ready!!

Have you purchased supplies in bulk? Was anything different than you expected?


Schar Freeman said...

LOL jennie!! I could just see the expression on your lovely face when this came. I purchased a paper shredder for my packaging and shred every kine paper since.

The only bulk that surprised me was when I purchased plastic containers for my ornaments. I had to buy 500 in 2 different sizes. I thought I would never get through them but now I am in need to purchase more.


BusyBeadLady said...

you just need to get lots of sales and it will be gone in no time.
Never bought in bulk and will think of you and pink if I ever do.
Tee Hee!!

Sygnet Creations said...

hehehahaha, I so would love a huge box of maroon or light blue shred. Wow women. That is a big ol box. I am sure you will be using it in no time =)

I made a mistake when ordering postcards for a promotion. Instead of thanking those who participated I made a batch inviting them to join in on the fun.. would have been great had it not been way past the promotion..lol

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

*giggle* Is it wrong that I wanted to dive into your box, like jumping into a nice big pile of leaves?

My husband and I got married last September... somehow we ended up with WAY too many RSVP cards and extra invites. I can't bear to throw them away, but what on earth do I do with them? Oh, well... ;)