Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Game On

It's that time again, folks! Time for another Etsyfriends Team Challenge. This time we were tasked with coming up with an entry that fit the theme of "new decade". I made this jute heartstring garland for the occasion.

From the listing description: "Ten hearts make up this 5 foot, 11 inch long *heartstring* garland...one for each year of the last decade. With every increment on the string (just like years that go by), you'll find something different to love along the way. From perfectly tattered lace to dusky rose velvet ribbon, something here is sure to stir your memory and soul.
More than a reminder of years gone by, however, this garland is designed to remind us of all we have for which to be grateful in our daily lives. While it's perfect for Valentine's Day or February decor, it's also a special piece to hang somewhere that your eyes often wander. Use the heartstring to focus on ten deep breaths, count ten blessings, or give ten thanks throughout your day!"
For more details about the garland itself, click HERE.
To see the other entries and vote in the challenge, go HERE.


Anonymous said...

Sentiment is as lovely as your garland!! Heartstrings is perfect for your creation!

Schar Freeman said...

I ♥ the ♥eart of this Jennie...full of aloha!

Schar Freeman said...

Mahalo for the ♥'s you sent along for my BDay! (♥)