Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday's Treasure

Not that I need another TV show to watch. Between American Idol being on 2 nights a week and my Thursday night Office/Grey's/Private Practice marathon, I am overbooked as it is. Nevermind that I am slowly being sucked into The Bachelor. And that I have discovered Hoarders and Mystery Diagnosis.
However, when I stumbled across American Pickers the other night, I could NOT tear my eyes away. Two guys traveling in a truck to homes where people have collected *stuff* for years. They go through the stuff, make offers on things, and walk away with a truckful of goodies. Then, the best part- they show the item, what they paid, and then the value. Cha-ching. Pass the popcorn.


So, my new idea for Thursday posts will be modelled after the "pickers". I'll show you an item I found, the price I paid, and the determined value!

I'll start off the series with this covered butter/cheese dish purchased this week at The Salvation Army. It is by Raymor / Roseville Pottery and was conceived by Ben Seibel. Seibel was a prolific mid-century designer hired by Roseville to revamp their company when sales began to falter in the early 50's. The dish is in near mint condition.


Did I know any of this history when I made my purchase? Of course not! Did I know just how rare it is to find both parts of the dish in such fabulous shape? Heck no! I just knew that I'd heard of Roseville Pottery, and that the piece was a beautiful color with an appealing design.

Price paid: $2.99

Value: up to $300.00

Oh, happy day!


Evelyn Fernandez said...

Ohh, I love this idea! Can't believe the value of your new find!! congrats!

CelticKnot said...


jessijewels said...

Holy Crap! Way to go Jenniegirl! Sweet find. x

Schar Freeman said...

"Oh Happy Day" indeedy Jennie!
Great find!
Fantastic idea that gives a special excitement to our Thursdays!