Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gifted Scarf

Before I discovered Etsy, I made gifts for my friends and family all the time. After Etsy, I pretty much didn't. I want to be better about that in 2010, so I started by making this beautiful scarf for my mother as a Christmas gift.
I'm pretty sure this is the most beautiful yarn I've ever laid eyes on. It is hand-tied by Turkish women whose husbands are unemployed. There are SO many different fibers used and specialty textures included.
And here's the finishing fringe.
I could marry this yarn- or at least work with it all day every day.
Maybe when I win the lottery!


ILOVEYOU! said...

That's only half the story! The colors and textures in person are not to be believed! From a downy cream to the softest peach, a bare aqua, a puff of pink, and a hint of buttercup all entwined with threads of silver and gold...more beautiful than you can imagine!! I am honored to be the recipient of this most unique scarf! A true and rare "one of a kind" treasure! Thank You So Much!!!

aandboriginals said...

I WANT THAT SCARF !!! ♥, lucky Mom !!

Jennie said...

A similar scarf can be yours for just $25...oh, AND the price of the yarn O_O.

Arthur said...

Gorgeous! Where did you find that wonderful yarn? I'm sure my mom would love some. :)

I still make people gifts, even after Etsy. It's actually less expensive for me than buying them something, lol.

Andrea said...

lovely scarf!

Evelyn Fernandez said...

love the scarf and the photography!