Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabulous Friday

No, no, no- I didn't find this at a thrift store. I WISH!


I snapped this beauty up at my favorite "real" shop, thanks to a Christmas gift certificate from my mom and dad.


A 1905 ceiling tin is the backdrop for these so, so shabby dreamy aqua hooks. Whatever else I do or do not do this weekend, this baby will be hung; I can't wait to see it on the wall in my sunroom! AND, won't it be the perfect place to hang patchwork stars for photos? Or vintage aprons?



Anonymous said...

I love your photos, you could almost (not quite unfortunately!) reach out and touch those lovely hooks! Can you tell me what camera you use? Also would love to see a picture of it in place!

Jennie said...

Hi there Anonymous! That sounds weird- I'd love to know who you are :) Thank you for the compliment on the photos- I really appreciate that. I use an older model Canon- an elph I think. It is tiny, fits in my pocket, and it is my right hand. I know there are so many bigger/better cameras out there, but I love my little elph. I will come back and post a "hung" photo this weekend just for you- that way I'll be sure to be accountable for getting it done!

Evelyn Fernandez said...

oh my, I squeeled in front of my laptop when I saw your new find!!! I think it will be perfect as vintage photo prop!!

elsiee said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie,
Anonymous here :) Sorry if my comment sounds weird- what I actually mean is the way that you stage all your photos(not just this one)is so lovely, that you almost feel you could touch the products- especially all your gorgeous fabrics and crocheted items :) I'm a crocheter from England and I found your lovely blog from Etsy.
I love looking at all your finds & crochet. All the items are so lovely. Keep up the good work:) - at the moment I'm just a blog follower-when I get the courage, I'll make a blog! Looking at how other people run their blogs helps! Can't wait for the 'hung' pic.
Kind regards, Donna

Jennie said...

Hi Donna! I meant that it sounded weird for me to say "hi there anonymous"- I didn't mean that your comment was strange. I truly appreciate your visits, and welcome you with open arms- I'm happy to know your name! When you do start your blog, I will be happy to help if you need it. I'm no expert, but I had several kind people show me some tricks. Go for it!!