Sunday, January 10, 2010

Next Up: Jewelry Fun

Well, I am thrilled to say that my plan for getting listing done more efficiently in sosovintage is working so far! I've gotten all of the vintage towels in the shop, and a few have already been snatched up. Here is a preview of my next bunch of items!

Lavender rhinestone owl brooch

Enamel sailboat brooch in ecru, navy and red

Antique metal "pierced earring caddy"


Adorable flocked basset hound- rhinestone muzzle!


I also have at least two jewelry boxes to clean up, and some earrings that I'm trying to decide how to describe! Busy me! What are you working on this weekend?


aandboriginals said...

Working on my Sweetheart Snugs today ! I hope to get them listed tomorrow some time, and I am filling Dog Sweater orders too !
Love the Owl Pin !

Liz said...

Just finished all of our "thank you for your business in 2009" notes - whew! :) and finally have some more chess pieces in stock to make more Bella's Transformation Necklaces...

Love your vintage!

Evelyn Fernandez said...

lovely the owl pin... also making some small and subtle changes to my etsy shop...