Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So, these are the frozen treats that Sophie picked out the other day. We had them for dessert one night, and as I was getting them out of the freezer, I had a memory blast. I remembered that while I pronounce the name "fudgesicles", my mother always called these "fudgicles".
I giggled about it, and shared that tidbit with my husband. I assumed this was just another mom-ism, like the way she says coupons as "kewpons". (You know I love you, Mom!!) Come to find out, my hubs said that he called these fudgicals as a kid, too. Wha?? Is this some freakish generational thing? Did our country as a whole regularly leave out the "s" in fudgsicle back in the day? I'm so curious...have you experienced this phenomenon? What do YOU call these ...besides totally yummy :)


Ribbons Undone said...

"Fudge Pops." We did not call these by their real name either! Huh.

I have also said "kewpons" for years! It wasn't until just recently that I have been converted and started calling them "coupons." I finally caved to all that peer pressure at the supermarket checkout.

Sandy said...

We always called them Fudgesicles... I have never heard of the other pronunciation!

Sahara's Heart said...

it looks yummy!!...I never try them tough and you don't even want to know how is my pronunciation!!lol

Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

Sorry, but I've never heard of them or seen them...being over here LOL.

They do look yummy though...if your not trying to lose weight that is ..:)

Kewpons said...

What do I call them....GOOD!!! Score a big point for your man!! :)