Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's A *Good* Thing

One of my very favorite things about beginning a new year is putting up a new calendar! (Yep, I get excited to start new check registers, too.) I think it's the outward evidence of a clean slate and endless possibilities that does it for me. The pages are all crisp and uncluttered, and I love to fill in the little squares oh, so neatly with all of the things I want to remember.
I have looked into purchasing a fancy letterpress calendar on Etsy, but alas, these are typically all form and very little function. I USE my wall calendar! Last year I waited too long to get a new calendar, and the only one I found was a dumb talking cartoon animal thing. I bought this new one at Target, and am beyond thrilled that it has stickers (ooh), pockets (ahh), and a place to hold a pen (eeh)!! No more paper-clipping snack calendars and Tae Kwon Do schedules!
So, Happy New Year! Are you, by any chance, a calendar freak like me? What is one of your favorite things about a new year?


Sal said...

Yes, I do love a calendar in my kitchen!
This year, I have a vintage sporting calendar which
I took a fancy too when we were in the Salisbury
Cathedral shop!
Gorgeous pics...which I must photograph for the blog!

A very Happy New Year!

Ribbons Undone said...

Oh yeah, Jennie, I love a new calendar. Each Christmas my MIL gets me a Farmer's Almanac spiral bound calendar. I guess it's more like a journal/book; it lays open on my dresser, where I can jot down the kids' school schedule, doctor appts, and more. I'm old-school and still like a hard copy, so calendars are a very useful and important tool for me as well. Long live paper!

LAS said...
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Minx's Den said...

I got an American songbird calendar at barnes and noble but sadly, I lost it! ahhhh!!! watch me, I will probably find it in May when the year is almost half over! My fave thing about the new year, well the day get longer and longer! I like knowing the day after the first of the year gets longer and more sunshine everyday until June 22nd!

Clara said...

I love calendars and to keep them and to make lists. I find I do need several though for different tasks.
I love the new year because it somehow allows you to wipe your slate clean and I like that, to start anew!

I wish you a very great year ahead!