Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday's Treasure

Found: a primo piece of Dansk Kobenstyle cookware!
Oh, that pouty lip and intricate handle... so modernist, so clean.  I've see these pots in other vintage shops on Etsy, but have never happened on one in person.  I learned a bunch by reading Apartment Therapy's info roundup on Vintage Gear: Dansk Kobenstyle.
Picked: $3.99
Valued: $30+
Yay me!


Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

I've been thinking of you both today, i hope everything went well for you :o)

What a find Jennie, and it does look like gorgeous cookware.

Have a great weekend.

Jennie said...

Thanks so much for thinking of us, Donna! Today's visit really was just a matter of bringing paperwork and filling out a lot of forms, so I went alone. I was quite nervous about it, though- the whole first impression thing. I DID think of you as being with me, and it made me feel like I could handle it. And I did!