Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spill It Session #5

Mother's Day, 2000.  Having spent a lovely day celebrating my mom, I set out to meet a friend and her boyfriend at a neighborhood bar in Arlington, VA.  Whitlows was pretty empty that night, and the three of us chatted easily at the bar.  A guy walked by, caught my eye, and said "hi".  I said "hi", and he continued to his table.  This might seem normal enough, and maybe it is where YOU live.  Just outside of the nation's capitol, however, men don't just smile nicely and say hi.  They are too cool.  They have to play all sorts of weird games and make you wonder.  That's how it was back then, anyway- so I knew right away that either this guy was strange or not from around here.  He was awfully cute, so I hoped for the latter.
Almost a year out of a pretty unhealthy 5 year relationship at that point, I was finally feeling very emotionally good.  Living in my very own apartment, dating occasionally, spending time with friends, and generally just relearning old pastimes and discovering new ones.  I wasn't looking for love, but it found me!
Mike was indeed not from around the DC area, but rather from Massachusetts- just like my grandmother's family.  That first night at Whitlows he ultimately asked me to play pool with him, and the rest is history.  We married on June 8th, 2002- just over two years from the night we first met. 
That's my story... now spill it, sista- how did you and your significant other meet?  Currently single?  No problem- feel free to share any first meeting story!  I can't wait to learn more about you all :)


Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

Oh my goodness Jennie, your comments page isn't long enough for my 'meeting' LOL.

I love the way that you know where your family originate from, it sounds fantastic to have a lovely family like that.

OK..here goes..

I was four years old (!) no top front teeth since I was 2 (as I'd smashed them out falling down steps on my trike) and deep auburn/red ringlets :o)
We got new next door neighbours - four boys. The eldest one was 9yrs old. I used to play with him cos' he was nice to me and wanted a 'little sister' in stead of brothers.
Then they moved away about 2 miles up to 'the village'.

Roll forward 11years to a 15yr old me and a 20 year old him (sounds a bit old I know!) and we met again, but I was a bit young to get serious, so we split after a few months and I moved away when I was 16...

Roll forward 3 years, I moved back to my parents and we met again.
We've been together ever since..Aaaawwww. ;o)

Have a great week Jennie xxOOxx

CelticKnot said...

Great topic, Jennie! And very timely for me, too. :-)

We were in high school band together. He played the trombone and I played the clarinet and tenor saxophone. We became good friends and fell in love. Next week is 10 years! <3

P.S. We LOVE playing pool. It's one of the first things we did together, and we love having the chance to play once every few months. :-)

Ribbons Undone said...

Glenn and I were high school sweethearts. We worked at the same engineering firm after school and during the summer months. Nerds!

Minx's Den said...

i met my hubby in one of my guyfriend's dorm room.....my hubs walked past his doorway, looked in as he was passing by, stopped and walked backwards and looked right at me sitting on my friend's futon, he walks right up to me shakes my hand and says "hi, I'm Joe." I introduce myself, and of course out courtship was very long, we married 6 years, 3 months, and 28 days later on June, 6th 2008....we were only freshman in college when we met....but my hubby tells me this all the time now, "you know when I first saw you, you stopped me dead in my tracks" that's what I literally did! lol