Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday's Treasure

Sophie and her cousin E from Ohio met for the first time in Massachusetts around Easter, 2006.  Sophie (on left) was about 4 months old, and E was 3 months her senior.   Since that time, E has come to VA to visit a couple of times, and we have seen her in Ohio once as well.  We all enjoyed a big family vacation on Cape Cod together, and celebrated a couple more Easters in MA, too.
Though they live far apart, the girls have had some really fun times together.  We've had the chance to see them grow up and rediscover each other once a year or so.  It's such a treat to see how they've evolved- from spitting up in each others hair to fighting over sand toys at the beach.  From strolling in parks in their carriages to playing t-ball in the back yard.  While they have many other cousins, these two are so close in age that they have a special little sisterly bond.

Here they are this year at Easter, 2011.  Cousin E is on the left, and there's Sophie- still smiling her big smile.  It is an absolute treasure for these girls to have each other- more so because they are both only children.  I'm looking forward to their many more adventures together, and to seeing how life unfolds for them as individuals. 


Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

Aaaawww..such pretty little sweeties :o)
Sophie certainly has got a lovely smile :o)

I do like the way in which E seems to be clasping Sophies little tiny hand in the baby photo..They look so scrummy.

It's a long weekend over here this weekend. It's the Royal wedding tomorrow (are you getting up at 3am to watch ;o) ? and it's our Mayday bank holiday on Monday :o)

Have a great weekend Jennie. xxOOxx

CelticKnot said...

What a sweet post! Those are two beautiful little girls. :-)