Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daily Dose of Cute

You know me and my vintage playing card obsession.  Well, the other day I spotted a bag full of 6 decks of cards.  Five of the decks were plain, basic, new.  One deck, the one holding the little gem above, was a tattered old box held together with masking tape.  I could make out the words "animal rummy" on the side, but there wasn't any identifying info.  No year.  No images.  For $2, I decided to take the chance.  It worked out well for me- and for my cashier friend.  I opened the bag after I paid, gave her the 5 newer decks for her kids and slipped my ratty old box into my bag.  When I got home, I discovered the most precious deck of cards I think I've ever seen- complete with seals, kittens, elephants, puppies, lions and more.  This bunny is my favorite, but if you'd like to see any of the other animals, just let me know :)

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Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

This is just so cute! I'd love to see the kitten one as well?

You seem to be lucky with all your vintage card finds Jennie, and I do so adore looking at them all :o)

Thankyou kindly for sharing :o)

Have a lovely day.
Donna xxOOxx