Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Favorite Fabric Finds

Well, TGIF, friends.  All I can say is that I hope your week has been better than mine.  I'll give you the short version of my major woe: check engine light, spark plugs and coils, exhaust manifold gasket, all THREE catalytic converters.  Not necessarily in that order, but with a combined work estimate of, um, about $5000.  So, yeah.  Your week is bound to have been better!  Here's to a great weekend, because I'm sure we could all use one.  And in that spirit, here are some beautiful fabrics coming to sosovintage today!
Such a unique color combo for a vintage sheet- love the blue ferns with the orange flowers
These pretty pink flowers have a toile-like detail to them... very delicate
Yummy cranberry and blues with an asian flair

And my favorite find of the week- these big pink hibiscus flowers with the violet and orange accents.
This was a real score because it was a whole 4 piece set.  The pillowcase pair is for sale in the shop, too!
We are supposed to finally have some fall-like weather this weekend, so we're hoping to get apple picking or to a fall fair or some such thing.  Whatever it is, we'll be celebrating October for sure!  Be sure to come on back soon- I have a game of "Price is Right" up my sleeve for the weekend, and a multi-fabric makeover set for Monday!


elenasworld said...

Oh No! Sorry for the crazy week! I will have to update you on some of our drama. Love the fabrics, and they are awesome finds! Can you be my personal fabric shopper :)

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...


Och aye lassy! (ock eye lassie)
No, I'm not Scottish Jennie, but the language suited your $5000 car estimate!!
Oh my goodness, and we thought ours was bad enough!
You poor (in more ways than one, and no pun intended!) lovely lady!

I hope you have a better weekend than you have the past week Jennie.
Apple picking sounds good to me :o)

Love your fabric finds, and I'm quite smitten with that pink/toile type one :o)

Speak to you soon Jennie, and take care.
Sending you a love a great big hug!
Donna xxOOxx

Minx's Den said...

you, me, and at least a half dozen other friends of mine had to drop big bucks to fix their cars lately, I coughed up 1000 bucks not too long ago to fix a key cylinder, new battery and brake light...but I still have to repair a loose baring, and the whole exhaust supposedly needs to be fixed? (at this point I should just get a new car) I am sorry you had to go through that, 5,000 dollars is almost unheard of! if something like that happened to mine, or my hubby's car, we'd just scrap it and get a new one since both our cars are 15-17 years old. life has been getting to me too lately, draining my savings account, so you aren't alone in this boat. hope everything gets better for you soon!