Monday, September 19, 2011

Makeover Monday: 9/19

Well, I'm excited to see a few new sosorosey followers- welcome!  For those who don't know, the first photo here is the curtain fabric that my customer wanted me to match.  The last photo shows the fabrics I chose to work with.  I had so many photos to share for today's makeover, I decided to play around with the bighugelabs mosaic maker (again).  I'm very pleased with the way this keeper came out, and I sure hope my customer is, too. 
This is shaping up to be a "school filled" week.  Back-to-School night is Tuesday, where I get to go in and find out all about the class rules, routines, etc.  Then on Friday, we have a "panda picnic" at the school from 5-7.  My folks will be joining us for that, and then staying for the weekend to celebrate Mike's birthday.  He doesn't officially turn 48 until the 26th, but this way we can all have some fun together.  What do you have going on this week?


Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Your custom keeper is awesome!
I love your mosaic too :o)

You've got a busy school packed week ahead!

We've got a school night on Wednesday...It's 'Open' night at the secondary school that Gems and Gary go to (and Geri's going next September) so Gems is helping out (5.30-8.30) in the Art dept. (this means I may sit hiding in the corner for 3 hours crocheting as I try to keep out the way and not cramp her style! -I say may, as things don't always work out as planned ;o)
Gary is doing a musical, and Geri will be looking round with her friends, then coming back to me :o)

Have a great week lovely Jennie :o)
Love and hugs from over the pond,
Donna xxOOxx

Ribbons Undone said...

Cool keeper--it's a "keeper!"

Yeah, I'm alright. In my ongoing quest for cleanliness and order, I have decided to go room by room and deep clean each and every one. This can only be done with EVERYBODY out of the house. I've made a small dent and have even weeded out stuff. I love to donate and I love to toss! When I get into a groove, I tend to wander away from the computer and blog world.

My hands/arms have been bothering me. Carpal Tunnel-like symptoms, but when I went to my doctor she said it's not carpal tunnel. It's been suggested that I spend less time crocheting and give my hands a rest. Sigh. You do so much handiwork, do your hands ever bother you?

Jennie said...

Hi Victoria~ Feel free to venture over to deep clean my home when you finish yours! I'm sorry about your hands- maybe you have arthritis? Does it get worse with the weather (cold/damp?) I have plenty of issues, but for now (knock wood) my hands and arms are holding up. Random thought- this reminds me of when George Costanza was a hand model and wanted to insure his hands... remember that one? In any case- I do hope you feel better soon!!

Donna- how funny that your Open night is this week too!! You have a great and lovely week yourself, my friend!! xoxox