Monday, January 23, 2012

Makeover Monday: 1/23

Happy Monday!  Once again, I'm caught without a crochet make to share today.  I'm waiting on confirmation regarding those shabby chic chair pads, and I have been busily working on Mom's big rug.  I do have a "before and after" to show you, though!
Here's a photo I took this morning.  It's a gray and dreary day, and this is shown without any photo editing.

Here's the same object, same day, same time, still no editing.  This time I used my fancy new photographer's flood light and white light diffusing umbrella.  It's my first time playing with it, so I need to fiddle with distance and height.  I'm pleased overall, though, that I don't have to wait for the natural light to be just perfect to take my photos.
And by the way, do you know what this thing in the photos is called?  I get that it's some kind of filter- maybe for coffee or tea?  You were so helpful with the pattern tracer, I thought I'd call on you again :)


aandboriginals said...

Is it a strainer ?? Found one....

I think that is what it is called.

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Jennie, your flood light with diffuser umbrella thingy is fabulous!!
I need one of them right now :o)
I hope a&b originals has got your filter thingy right, or 'ma' knows, as I haven't got a clue! lol
It has got some pretty flowers on it though :o)

Have a great week Jennie :o)
Love and hugs to you,
Love Donna xxOOxx

PA said...

So happy you like the photog's light and that it'll come in handy on rainy days or cloudy days.

Don't have a clue what your photo is of but I'd go with aandboriginals suggests. Whatever, it is pretty!