Monday, January 9, 2012

Makeover Monday: 1/9

I had expected the first week of January to be kind of slow around Etsy.  Especially in sosorosey.  Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!  People are already shopping for Valentine's Day, and I guess quite a few are spending some holiday gift $$, too.  As exciting as this is, it's really set me back in the "making over" department.  So, my apologies.  I haven't forgotten the purple thing or my Mom's big rug.. they are just on the side burner for now.
But, I couldn't do NO makeover today, so this is sort of an odd one.  I found this little heart dish at the Salvation Army last week.  For 99 cents I couldn't leave it behind.  I love the patina, and figured I could use something Valentine-ish in sosovintage. 
When I got home and peeled off the price tag, I realized that this was not an unmarked piece as I had previously thought.  (Bad, bad thrift store lighting with 40+ year old eyesight).  Huh.  Fisher Sterling. 
Must Google.

Here is the same dish all shined up!  I found it for sale on eBay: $125.00!!!!  There's another shiny one for sale HERE at the same price: $125.00!!! 
So, now I'm in a quandary.  Shine it, don't shine it.  Sell it, don't sell it.  Thoughts?


Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Wow Jennie :o)
...Keerrr..ching... ;o)

Don't shine it, and sell it!
A lovely Valentines piece for Sosovintage I think :o)

Have a happy happy day :o)

emily said...

Yowza! Cha-ching!

If it were me, I'd sell it! I'm not sure about shining it though, maybe you should leave it and say in the description it could be polished up.

This totally makes up for that non-vintage belt buckle!

Stocki said...

How lovely! Um... I would shine it a tiny bit and I definitely keep it because I can never bear to part with such beautiful things.. How about looping a red ribbon through the top and hanging it on the wall? :)x

Ribbons Undone said...

Oh yeah--sell it, baby!

Anonymous said...

shine it and sell it! great find!

Jennie said...

Thanks for all of the opinions, friends! I think I am going to go with don't shine it and do sell it. Once I get some decent photos it will be in the shop :)