Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday's Treasure

When I was a little kid, waaaaaaay back in the 70s, my mom used to jazz up my school lunches by cutting my sandwiches with cookie cutters.  Let's face it, when your child insists on bringing a plain peanut butter sandwich every day for years on end, you've gotta do something to keep from going nuts!
 But seriously, I do think there's something in the dna of children that makes then all automatically abhor the crust of a regular slice of bread.  It's a mystery whose ludicrousness is perfectly solved by this handy little piece of sheer genius!
 Just place over the sandwich and press down.  Easy peasy and...
Voila!  I love that there is hardly any waste, and it's just plain FUN to eat a specially shaped sandwich.  Not just for kids (though perfect for school Valentine parties)- these cuties would make your next adult gathering super fun, too.  Wal*Mart, friends.  Less than two bucks, and they come in dinosaur shapes, too!


Teapot Lane said...

Hey! That's a nifty bit o' kit!
When I used to do these sandwiches with cookie cutters for my littlies there was always TONS of bread that got wasted. But that looks way cool cutting out that much bread :o)

Now, where's *my* nearest Wal*mart? ..LOL ;o)

Have a great evening lovely lady :o)

Jennie said...

Your nearest Wal*Mart is right down the street from me ;) Don't worry, I've already thought of you!

Teapot Lane said...

You are such a special person Jennie.