Saturday, January 14, 2012

Price is Right: Game 11

Come join the fun! The more, the merrier!
The Game: I show you my thrift haul from one recent outing. You leave a comment with your best guess as to how much I paid. This does include VA sales tax. The person who comes closest WITHOUT going over wins.
The Rules: One clear and definitive guess per person- no amending your answer. Please do not choose the same answer as a person who came before you- read the comments prior to leaving your guess. Game runs through Tuesday the 17th, 5pm EST and is open to US and international players. The receipt and winner will be posted here: please be sure I know how to get in touch with you either through blog, website or email. Play nice and have fun!!
The Prize: The satisfaction of winning, AND $5 in "soso bucks" that can be applied toward any purchase in either of my shops. Can be saved and spent at a later time, up to one year. Can be combined with other wins or offers. Not redeemable for cash. Non-transferable.
The Stuff: This time the loot comes from a small hospital charity shop in old town Manassas, non-sale day. Prices here are amazingly low on most items, though they are a bit higher for vintage items of probable value.
Here's what  I walked out with this week:

vintage canary yellow piping and rickrack

green wooden handled sewing thing by Clover
(what IS this thing?)
set of 5 porcelain whiskey decanter signs made in France
set of 7 unused shower invitations with envelopes

ceramic, numbered Valentine poodle figurine
{soon to be my new avatar on Etsy)
So, there you have it!  Game on!  I think we had 15 entries last time- I'm hoping to beat that number, so please don't be shy!


Sandy said...

My guess is $8.43.

kathryn said...

I think $11.44. The green rolling thing is a tracing wheel used to mark fabric.

liz said...

Hmmm, how about $10.49

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

OOooo, I love this game :)
My guess this time is..$7.35 :)

Aren't those 'shower' cards adorable!
That 'sewing thing' is a tracing wheel (I think LOL). You use it to trace patterns, and as it goes round it pust little dots of carbon onto the no thick lines etc..
I use mine for card crafting LOL
Hope you're having a happy weekend lovely lady :o)

emily said...

I love this game too! I guess $12.25.

mamasan said...

Well, here I go again! My guess is $6.50. Probably way to low but I usually go way, adjusting my usual high...six fifty it is!! :) I know what that wheely thing is too....all the gals are's a pattern tracing wheel...I used to use one when try to sew you little jumpers and such dear one! Never was any good at the sewing part though! I have pics of you in a jumper or two that I made and you did look cute...course, you were cute in anything!!

jessijewels said...

$6.30 is my guess. :)

CelticKnot said...

$8.57. The shower invitations are so cute! They seem old due to their style. Do they have a date?

Jennie said...

Yay- Kristine popped in! They do not have a date, but I'm thinking 70s. I love that they don't specify what kind of shower- very versatile!

Schar Freeman said...

Adorable lil poodle has my guess is $7.17

Runs With Scissors said...

I'm going to guess $7.49 and yes, that is indeed a tracing wheel!

Anonymous said...

Im no good at guessing prices. I have a red handled tracing wheel just like your green one that I picked up in a sewing box full of other notions for $19. Im guessing if I broke the per item in the sewing box I paid a few cents for mine. It is four inches long and I have NO clue as to the value but if you could find out and let me know at I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you