Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clean Combo

 A lovely lady purchased a set of custom rag topped bowls from sosorosey as a gift for an artist friend.  She wanted cobalt blue bases and white "ragging".
The "cobalt" gave me a problem.  I did an online search for cobalt cotton yarn that returned nothing.  I gave the choice of a cotton blend or a change in color- to maybe a periwinkle color.  Then, I went to Hancock Fabrics (not a yarn store, as you can tell by the name) and found this gorgeous "morning glory" blue.  Yay!
I always love to create a custom project with a color combination that I've never done or thought of.  This set turned out very clean looking, I think.  And crisp.  Like it would work well in a beach house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  Oh, I love to create lives for my projects, too :)


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

OOo, Jennie, create a life as nice as this one for me too :o)

Love this colour combo, and imagine it's life exactly as you do to!
The yarn was a lucky find my dear :o)

Happy Saturday Jennie & Co.

gillyflower said...

Well done fro finding the colour! The combination is stunning - reminds me a little of the fashion for moroccan blue pots, fences etc that were the vogue in gardens over here recently.
Have a great weekend Jennie
Gill xx