Monday, March 26, 2012

Makeover Monday: 3/26

Sometimes in life, I mean in thrift stores, a sheet will just speak to me.  It's usually the combination of the colors, the pattern, and the feel of the material that says, "Make with me!"  This cotton fabric with alluring grass green leaves didn't just speak... it kind of screamed.  So I had to put it in the cart before people started to stare.

I realized I haven't been making the table coaster rugs lately, and that I only have one or two in the shop.  This one is almost 12 inches across- a nice size for a large casserole or centerpiece.
After the coaster, I had enough fabric left to make a bowl, too!  This one is 7 inches wide and over 3" high.  Both of these will be in sosorosey today or tomorrow.
Welcome to the last week of March!  Allergy season is in full swing, so our family has been plagued with all sorts of sniffles and such.  I have three Easter baskets to finish by Friday, so you know what I'll be doing this week.  How about you?  Any big projects or activities?


Cassandra {Sleeping or Sewing} said...

I'm always in aw when I see your sheet made items.

I know what you mean about things "speaking" to you. I always see things and think how great they'll look made into other items, as my list of "I want to make" gets longer and longer. It seems like I never get anything done (well it seems like that cause I don't get anything done. Ha).

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Jennie, your bowl and table coaster are sooo lovely! I adore that fabric, and if I could find it in a brown/red leaf colour it would be absolutely perfect for the backing of a very special quilt I am making for one of Gemma's teaching assistants! I love that pattern!

Luckily only one of us gets the sniffles once the pollen starts, but it's just so annoying to happen every year isn't it?

I have a skirt to finish this week, (it's been cut out waiting for sewing for about 10 days!) And I'm still working on quilts!
I also have to take Gary J to the 'emergency' orthadontist tomorrow. Plus other trips about!

Happy sunny week Jennie!!
Take care lovely lady,
Sending you love and a big hug!
Donna xxOOxx

gillyflower said...

gorgeous fabric, love it!
so beautiful made into bowls and mats too.

gillyflower said...

Hi again Jennie!
Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments!
The pink blossomed tree is a Camellia - it was glorious a few weeks ago when the blooms were just opening (an older post of mine had photos), but they go brown and fall off once past their best, but still beautiful in faded way. They come in various shades of pinks and reds and whites, and the blooms are quite large and multi layered.