Monday, March 12, 2012

Makeover Monday: 3/12

 A new sosorosey customer purchased the made-to-order boy Easter basket last week.  She wanted light blue, light yellow and white as the colors.  I poked around in my stash and found this gorgeous cotton that fit the bill.
Unsure of whether or not I'd have enough of the sand dollar fabric, I chose this one to use as the base.  The colors would blend, and I'd be certain not to run out of the primary fabric at a crucial point.
 Finally, after all these years of crocheting with fabric, I can pretty well envision what it will look like once it's cut and crocheted.  This one is every bit as beautiful as I knew it would be!
This guy is all set to send off to Texas as soon as it is approved!
And guess what?  I had enough fabric left to make another basket to slip onto the sosorosey shelves!  This one has the two fabrics reversed, but the bow, like the other one, is made from a strip of each fabric. 
There is another basket coming up this week, too... this time a ruffly girl one ... so stay tuned for that!  I also have the promise of some customer project photos to share, and a custom order made from baby sheets.  What will you be working on this week?


gillyflower said...

Gorgeous! I'm sure she will be thrilled!

Gill xx

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Just absolutely beautiful :o)

I do look forward toyour customer project photographs. It's lovely to see what your customers make from all your beautiful fabrics Jennie.

This week I'm working on finishing off a 'raggy' quilted cushion for Geri's birthday on Saturday!
I'm so excited about setting her birthday table with that gorgeous Leprachaun decoration that you'd be forgiven for thinking it was my birthday! lol.
I'll have to wait to do the table till Sunday though as we're off to London on Saturday :o)

Have a happy week my Jennie, and take care.