Thursday, March 15, 2012

Upcycled Crib Sheets

I've been chatting with a mom on Etsy who decided she was ready to turn some of her baby girl's bedding into something for the "big girl room".  She sent me two of these cotton gingham Pottery Barn crib sheets at the end of last week.  (Special note: they came in regular form- I'm responsible for the cutting ... forgot to take a before photo.)

She asked for an oval-shaped shallow basket to keep on the dresser to contain all of the hair bows and accessories that come along with big girls.
My size estimate was pretty darned close!
(pats self on the back)
This dresser basket is about 12 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 2.5 inches high.
I love this idea and shape... I may just have to make a few more dresser baskets for the shop.  I'm thinking neutral colors.  Any other requests?


emily said...

Great shape! I heard that Tangerine Tango (ie. orange?) is the hot color for spring, so maybe that would be a good addition to your store. Also, these would look awesome in your rag topped style, and as nesters!

A Collective Journal said...

Wow, this is super! Very nice job, Jennie!

Maybe you could add a handle? A ruffle around the top? I don't know, it's beautiful just the way it is!

g'burg said...

That oval shape would look great in any color, print, fabric, or yarn/jute material you use! Because, imho, that particular shape adds another dimension to the storage dillema that most of us face. They would be a welcome addition to any the family room for the remotes, for the bathroom tank top (to hold room spray, extra paper rolls, etc), to the bedroom for dodads on your dresser or go, you artist!! Ket your creative juices roll!!

gillyflower said...

They are very pretty Jennie - and a great way to re-use favourite fabric!
I'm sure the daughter will enjoy seeing her old bedding upcycled into something useful and beautiful.


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Fandabby dozy as usual :o)

Well done for getting your sizing close!
I love those gingham sheets too:o)

Happy, happy evening Jennie.

Take care my lovely!