Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Charm Packs

Since I have some time on my hands during these snowy days (eyeroll), I've decided to sort my vintage sheets. The sheer abundance of beautiful fabric is both exhilarating and embarrassing. I have no business keeping all of this fabulousness for myself!


Charm packs of 12 6x6 inch squares (2 each of 6 different yet complementary fabrics) will soon be offered in sosovintage. I'm hoping that they will be a hit with quilters and other sewing people who love to create with a variety of vintage patterns.


Do you have any suggestions for how to get people to share photos of their finished projects made with sosovintage supplies? I'm considering offering some sort of discount on a future purchase, but I want it to be an easily redeemable thing... Any advice is appreciated!


Sierra Pelona Crochet said...

The first thing that came to mind to encourage people to share photos, was to have it be a contest, where people can vote on the finished projects. Or maybe you just pick a project at random, instead of putting it up to a vote.

As to the prize (aside from bragging rights), it could be either a shop discount or an item giveaway, either from your shop(s) (a custom-made item, perhaps?) or someone else's shop (someone not entered in the contest, of course). :)

Jennie said...

Thanks so much for leaving your thoughts, Sierra! A contest would be so fun... I hope one day I have enough vintage fabric customers to be able to do that :)