Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow

It's a blizzard out there! We're smack dab in the middle of the DC snowstorm of 2010. We lost power last night at 11 pm- right at the height of the storm. With no furnace running to cover the noise, we could hear the wind howling and branches snapping outside our window.
With every gust, there were gigantic thuds on the roof- like a giant rumbling raccoon. We finally figured out it was the packed snow falling from our 100 foot tall trees onto the roof.
I fell asleep last night to worries over how we would cope with the freezing cold and drifts of snow without power. Fortunately, I awoke this morning to the sound of the heat blowing through our home once again.

There's over 2 feet of snow on the ground, and more falling from the sky. We've lost a large pine tree in the back yard, and more are not looking good at all.


The cars are buried, and my husband is working hard to shovel us out. The sheer volume of snow is just incredible!


The cat is NOT pleased. He usually likes to go outside to do his business, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon. He was "forced" to use his litterbox this morning, poor guy. I personally love the snow, but only from the warmth of my home. Sophie is having a ball out there, though. Every once in awhile I hear her yelling "Help, help, I'm stuuuuuuck!" No doubt, she really is. My fingers are crossed that we keep our power, and that the snow stops soon. We have way more than our share!


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOooooooo..... Send some our way please:) I bet your little girl is loving it! Stay wrapped up warm, and remember it won't last long! Kind regards, Donna

PussDaddy said...

Oh my that is a lot of snow. It is beautiful though. Your kid is cute! I am glad you got your heat back. We got 5 inches yesterday on top of about a foot and are going to get more Monday too.


PAma said...

Loved your narrative, the pictures, and the "princess" photo! Snow pictures are beautiful and your yard is especially so! Glad to read that all is well and your household is humming along in a happy and positive way! Enjoy yourselves!

Lenore said...

All that snow looks fabulously you said from the inside!!!!
I'm visiting family in Spokane where they had over 6 feet of snow last winter and this winter they have barely any at all.

Sierra Pelona Crochet said...

I am so glad you got your power and heat back! I grew up in Connecticut and hated the snow. Now I'm in California and much happier during the winter! Fingers crossed your power stays on! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! We're dealing with snow here in Arkansas, but nothing like this! Bless your hearts. I'm so happy you're heat decided to stick around. = ) Be safe!

Evelyn Fernandez said...

wow, such a beautiful sight! we didn't get any snow here at all this year, kind of strange since we get snowstorm almost every year. Enjoy it, looks like Sophie is having a blast!