Monday, February 22, 2010

Makeover Monday: 2/22

I started this project off with a piece of vintage Sears & Roebuck bedsheet.

And I created the "one egg wonder basket"! Not only does this appeal to my love of all things little, it also has so many fantastic decorating possibilities and uses. Wouldn't a set of these with tags make an awesome Easter tablesetting? Or as spring wedding placecards/favors? How about using it in your kiddos lunchbox for a hard boiled egg treat? Oh, Martha? Rachel? Country Living? Are you listening?


Carol B said...

That is too cute. I hope Martha and Country Living are both listening. My money is on Country Living, but it's probably too late for this year's Easter-time issue.

CelticKnot said...

Adorable! A great way to store eggs so they don't roll off the counter and go splat. :-)

Evelyn Fernandez said...

omg! this is one adorable egg basket!!!

Schar Freeman said...

Such beautiful colors and another bright idea from you Jennie! I wish I had some Grandbabies to share this with....I thins Country Living would pounce on this one!