Monday, June 14, 2010

Makeover Monday: 6/14

I started with this gorgeous Amy Butler-esque sheet, and turned it into...

... a nice big bowl AND...


...a wallflower coaster!!
Yay for queen size sheets!!
Happy Monday! This week is my daughter's first week of "no school" summer. We will be heading to cartoon cuts for a hair trim, Target for shorts, and to the playground as much as possible. I have to finish an upcycled snuggler, at least 1 more bowl and flower for the boutique, and clean my house. The boutique appointment is on Thursday... if all goes well, I'll be back here to announce the local venue for sosorosey goods. What do you have on tap for this week?


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh, I love the way that fabric looks all crocheted up! Beautiful!

Busy week over here...Joe's grad party coming up on Saturday so I have lots to do between then and now! (glad the kids are off school and can help!) lol Plus, today is my hub and my 19th anniversary! AND I have a couple custom orders to work on for my Etsy shop.

Smiles, Karen

Megan Carroll said...

Working on more patterns this week... upcycling some thrift store fabric fabrics into smock aprons for children!