Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here is a little snapshot of the new, exclusive local selling venue for sosorosey wares: The Muse in historic Frederick, Maryland! Despite being so nervous I thought I might pass out, my meeting with the shopowner this morning went really well. She wanted to keep all 12 items that I brought with me, and she loved my handmade shop tags too! Now that that part is over (whew!), I just have to hope that Muse customers enjoy and purchase my work. I'll keep you posted on that. And, if you are ever close to Frederick, The Muse happens to be the CUTEST boutique in town- bursting at the seams with unique, contemporary, handmade fabulousness. If you do pop in, be sure to let me know how much you love it!


E. Fernandez said...

omg, how exciting!!! wish I live close so I can come visit you in person and see all your goodies.. Congrats Jennie!

Ribbons Undone said...

Ooh, I'm so excited and happy for you! I am very curious to know what items you dropped off. Please tell.

Jennie said...

Thanks so much, Evelyn- I wish we lived close too!!

Victoria- thanks so much! Well- 10out of the 12 items I dropped off were newly made for this meeting today. I plucked 2 others out of sosorosey. I took her 6 large bowls (like 10 to 12 inches wide and 3 to 4 inches tall), 4 of the smaller tie dyed tee shirt bowls, and 2 wallflowers. She's interested in seeing my fabric stars, and I told her I'd make her a large, bright "art bowl"...something showstopping! I'm excited to work on that, but it probably won't happen until mid-July. I hope things at your end have started to lift up a little- I know it's been a rough few weeks for you, and I have thought of you often. xo