Monday, June 7, 2010

Makeover Monday 6/7

I started this project with a jersey knit cotton sheet in a bright, bold geometric print.
The fabric kept wanting to turn inside out on me, so the bowl ended up more muted than I had planned. I still like the way it turned out, though, with the pops of indigo and red.
Don't worry if you haven't seen too many new pieces in sosorosey lately- I'm still crocheting away! I have an exciting appointment with the *cutest* handmade boutique later this month, and I'm stocking up on items that they may want to carry. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!
Have yourself a fantastic Monday! Look for a new edition of The Price is Right tomorrow!


Ribbons Undone said...

I think it has a bit of 4th of July look to it--the colors blended so nicely for a bit of patriotic appeal!

Dianna said...

I love this! I think it would look perfect in my living-room! wink wink**

CelticKnot said...

This is oh so pretty! The colors and balance turned out beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your bowl turned out very a bit of confetti! Wishing you the best of luck on your new venture! I hope she takes one of everything you make for her boutique. I know she'll sell everthing in the wink of an eye! PS...the swanky pincushions are very was the bonnet that was made from your squares. Such novel things crafters come up with!