Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I found the little guy on the right ages ago. Thought he was so adorable, I even did a blog post about him. I was convinced he was a cover for an egg. Silly me.
My friend Karen from VintageStation wrote to me one day saying she had found a chick/bird just like mine! She said hers came with a noise box inside... you know the cylindrical things with the holes in it that utters sounds when turned upside down? Her noise box didn't work though, so she didn't know what it actually "said".
As shocked as I was that she had found the same item, I was triple surprised when I found Little Miss Pink Bow on a recent thrift trip! She has a non-working noise box too. Poo. (hehe, too poo too poo. Oops- obviously spending too much time listening to five year old humor.)
I debated about whether to sell my friends separately or together, and I've decided to do neither. They just look too happy to have found each other, so I'm keeping them!


Runs With Scissors said...

That is just so cool! You must keep looking, my bluebird has a yellow bow, that means there's still at least one more out there for you to find! ;)

CelticKnot said...

Adorable! That's so neat that you found a buddy for the little cutie.

Minx's Den said...

those are adorable! I have salt and pepper shakers that look real similar to your bird friends there...
by the way, the fabric arrived in my mailbox yesterday, I love it!!! I will be making a pillow with it sometime today and snuggle with it this evening with some hot tea!

Bizzy Days said...

Oh, they are so cute jennie. I love them! I'd keep them too.
Hope you and sophie had a good time yesterday :)
Take care
Donna x

Ribbons Undone said...

Wow--great story. They are so cute. I have a soft spot in my heart for two little birds--especially one girl and one boy!

E. Fernandez @ Modish Vintage said...

they are perfect together, great story!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Yup--I think I'd have to keep them too! They're adorable! It's good to have little things around you that make you smile!
Smiles, Karen

SaharasHeart said...

I would keep them too,they are too cute!!