Monday, December 13, 2010

Makeover Monday: 12/13

A very talented Etsy friend and repeat customer, Deb of Keepsake Blossoms, has an exciting new venture she is preparing for. She'll be selling her beautiful clay flowers at her own kiosk in her new hometown. She came to me looking for a basket tray to display some of her wares. She wanted shabby chic, but needed color since most of the blooms this will contain will be white. I dove into my stash and found this gorgeous Waverly flannel sheet that would be perfect for the job!

The result looks like a garden itself! The pinks and greens and touches of red really flow together in a gorgeous way. I'd love to see a photo of this full of Deb's amazing handiwork.
Happy Monday! This is Sophie's last week of school before the holidays, and she even gets out early on the 17th! Wha???? Her Christmas program at school is today, and I'm excited to see her all dressed up and singing her little heart out. I'll be sending off the last of the family holiday packages today, and crocheting stars as fast as my fingers can crank them out. This will be one of those beyond busy weeks for me... how about you? Wishing us all lots of luck getting done what we need to get done- and enjoying the spirit of the season in the process!


Bizzy Days said...

I love this basket Jennie. Yes, I think it would be fab to see it full of all her goodies :)
It's my three's last week at school before Christmas too, and I know there will not be enough hours in this week :0)
Have a good one though, and I hope you enjoy today :)
Take care jennie,
Love Donna x

Minx's Den said...

what beautiful fabric! my heart skipped a beat or two when I saw it, and that crocheted bowl looks great too1 you have such talent Jennie! I am thankful for my newest etsy/blog friend!

CelticKnot said...

What a lovely message, Jennie. :-)

And what a beautiful bowl! It's going to be a stunning match to Deb's gorgeous flowers.

Try to take some time for yourself during this busy week. Have fun at the Christmas program. :-)

ma said...

Quite a beautiful basket you made! It will definitely showcase those white flowers! Maybe she'll share a photo of her "flowers at rest" in their beautiful little nest!

KeepsakeBlossoms said...

Hey Jennie,
Thanks so much for the lovely bowl :). You know how much I love your work! I shall definitely send you photos of the 'flowers at rest', as a fellow reader put it :).

Thank you!