Monday, December 27, 2010

Makeover Monday: 12/27

I was pleasantly surprised this holiday season by the number of people who chose to send me their own baby blankets to be made into personalized stars. I'd love for this to be a year- round occurrence, because I really do love making these special items! These baby blankets came from a loving mom of 3 boys.

Here they are all "starred" and "charmed"- ready to head off to their new home. Though we didn't work it out to have them for the tree this Christmas, they will certainly have a warm welcome when they come out with the other decorations next year!

So, happy Monday after Christmas! How are you feeling? Relieved? Tired? Let down? Charged up? Me, I'm nursing a cold, but feeling otherwise very content. We had a really super holiday, and I'm all excited to move into a brand new year. Lots of ideas for new sosorosey goodies are flowing through my mind, so stay tuned for some hints and glimpses this week!


Bizzy Days said...

We've had a super holiday too Jennie:)
Those star charms are
I love 'em!
I'm looking forward to the new year too, I'd like to move forward a lot with my crochet and Etsy.
Gemma's having new medication on 8th February, so it's fingers crossed all round x
Have you got the snow yet that everyone on out tv over here is saying is the 'worst for years' in America?
I remember your snow photo's from last year, and even though we've had a bit of snow, I'm still jealous about all yours :0)
That's just greedy ;)
Take care Jennie,
Love and hugs,
Donna xx

Linda B said...

Those stars are very cool.

I'm hoping to reach some goals, too and make a marketing plan to get there.

Good luck.

Minx's Den said...

those stars are way cute!!!! they make great xmas ornaments! that's what I would use them for!!! great job!!! hope you had a great xmas!

Ribbons Undone said...

Lovely Christmas here. Thanks for asking. Got together with the in-laws and out-laws. The kids are hit hard with gifts. I am completely, I repeat COMPLETELY overwhelmed with all the toys, Wii games, and stuff. Aagh. Trying to find a home for it all.

Blizzard conditions here. Everyone is snowed in. NJ is in a "State of Emergency." How about you--were you hit with a ton of snow in Virginia?

CelticKnot said...

These are so pretty, soft, and sweet!

Clara said...

The stars are so special.

We are just over a storm and have light snow falling now.

Sahara's Memories said...

I love what you do!
those stars made out of baby blankets are beautiful and it is a precious memory!