Saturday, December 4, 2010

Seeking People with Ant Farm Experience

My darling daughter really, really wants an ant farm from Santa. Now, Santa thinks she should get this ant farm from a place called "Ant Farm Central". (Click on the cute ant if you'd like to see the site. )
I have NO personal experience with Ant Farm Central, or for that matter, with ant farms in general. I am mysteriously drawn to the blue gel farm- it looks cool and the ants get all the nutrients they need from the gel (no feeding--> bonus).
The main thing I'm trying to decide is whether to get the ants WITH the kit, or get the kit with a mail-in rebate for the ants. I can't really puzzle this out- I mean, why would I wait on the ants? Might they die before Santa delivers the gift? That would be kind of a buzz kill. Have any of you Santas out there done the ant farm thing? I'm open to all advice and opinions from those more informed!!


Runs With Scissors said...

This really struck my funny bone this morning!

I think I would go with the farm including the ants. I know I'd hate to have to wait once I got the farm to set it up and wait for ants. Can you get it and set it up somewhere Sophie can't see it until Christmas day? It would be like having an aquarium with no fish.

Just make sure you put it somewhere it can't be knocked over!

CelticKnot said...

I have no experience with ant farms, either, but the idea sounds so cute and cool. I also like the idea of the blue gel. It seems more user-friendly.

Out of curiosity, what sparked this interest in Sophie?

Minx's Den said...

hi there! I'm Lauren from minxden on etsy! I just ordered 4 fat q's from your shop! I saw your blog site on your business card you sent me! love your blog!! you can visit my blog too at in reply to your post, I had a friend you got an ant farm, she loved it, we would spend hours just watching them in their own universe!

Bizzy Days said...

Wow !
I didn't know you could get ant farms. These look fab.
No wonder Sophie wants one. My children would do if they saw them too.
Although I know absolutely nothing about them, I agree with runs with scissors. The farm with the ants would be best for a Christams surprise.
Take care Jennie.

Jennie said...

Thank you for weighing in, my friends! Kristine, I'm reallynot sure where the ant farm fixation came from. I think it might have been in a book or magazine. Hubby took a peek at the ones I was thinking of, and guess what he found on another page of the same site?? One with RAINBOW gel!! I have a rainbow girl, so that's perfect. We're going WITH ants, too. I'll keep you all posted on the ant farm progress :)