Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday's Treasure 12/16

One of my very favorite things about our neighborhood is that Santa always makes a planned visit a couple of weeks before Christmas- on a big old blaring fire engine! Thanks to the Buckhall Fire Department, Santa and his elves make several stops at street corners throughout our residential community.
Santa pulls up a chair, poses for photos, and listens attentively as children of all ages either wail or whisper in his ear. Sophie was one of those wailers for a couple of years. Last year she was willing to stand beside Santa, but she didn't say much. This year she was the life of the party. Despite the cold and rainy day, she jumped right up on his knee and talked his ear off. When he asked what she'd like for Christmas, she answered, "Well, anything you bring will be just great". He smiled and pressed her for more info. She whispered, "a talking Rudolph the reindeer". (SCORE!!!!)
Next time we see Santa will be Christmas Eve. On the night before Christmas, this same saintly crew rolls slowly down our street with sirens and lights going wild. Santa -sitting on top of the fire engine- waves and ho ho ho's to all who come to their doorsteps to gaze at him with wonder. We live only 30 miles from our nation's capitol, but at times like this, it feels like we're in our own special little town in the middle of nowhere.


Ribbons Undone said...

Well, this brought some tears to my eyes. Corny, I know. Catherine is nine and still believes! My husband and I think that this may be the last year for her. Sigh.

Like your town, our town has an annual Santa Run too. They cruised on through this past Sunday. Lights and sirens blaring here too! They always hit our street, because it just so happens that one of our neighbors is a firefighter. It's a joyous commotion!

Bizzy Days said...

What a lovely photo Jennie :0)
Certainly 'Thursdays treasure'. Thanks for sharing.
What lovely twinkly eyes Sophie has too :)
We live in what's classed as the 'sticks', so no Santa comes to visit us.....'cept on Christmas Eve of course ;0)
Donna x

CelticKnot said...

Awwww, Jennie! This is one of my very favorite posts of the year. What an adorable story. :-)

Minx's Den said...

my home town does this thing where 5 men dress up as santa and if you drive down a certain street, they pass out candy car side! it's really fun!!!

Nana said...

What a lovely narrative! You've recounted the way Christmas should be, for all children everywhere...young, old, all sizes, and nationalities! To one and all we wish the spirit of Christmas touch each of us!

Sophie looks quite comfortable and ready to chat!! Thanks for sharing that great story and picture!