Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Welcome to the World, Rudolph!

So, driving to school last week, I asked Sophie what she wanted for Christmas. Before she could answer, I told her I wanted to know just the ONE special thing that she wanted more than anything else. She thought and thought for at least 10 minutes. Not a word. Finally I said she could tell me two things if one was too hard. A few minutes later, she pronounced, "A talking Rudolph the reindeer".
While I quickly counted my blessings that her one desire wasn't like a stereo system or Wii or her own moonbounce, I couldn't keep myself from saying, "Really? That's the one thing you want? Don't you think your big gift should be something you play with for a long time, not just at Christmas?" She sighed a big 5 year old sigh and said "Really, Mommy. I WILL play with it always- not just at Christmas."
Well, we'll see about that!

I went home that day and googled "talking Rudolph" or something like that. I got a million and a half hits, and the first 50 were all over the map. I had no idea what talking Rudolph she was hoping for. Minor panic set in, and I began asking around to see if other mothers had heard of this mysterious talking reindeer. Nope.
I have been having some heartburn over this issue for days. This weekend I happened to be sitting on the couch while Sophie was watching TV. A commercial came on, and she jumped up and shouted, "There HE is!!!!"
We watched the advertisement with glee, and today I set off for Build-A-Bear workshop right after I drove Sophie to school. I stuffed her Rudolph and gave him a heart and a wish, then I couldn't resist buying the sleigh driver outfit and the hat/scarf set pictured. And the Rudolph song insert. Who knew that birthing a reindeer could be so fun?
$50 later (yes, FIFTY), my child will have her Christmas dreams come true. Priceless.
What are your munchkins hoping that Santa will leave under the tree?


Ribbons Undone said...

Great story! It's fun playing Santa, and a bit overwhelming as well.

Let's see--Glenn Jr. wants Legos. Catherine wants another, yes another, American Girl doll. Cha-ching!

Minx's Den said...

that's so sweet! i bet she will love it!! I have that movie and I watch it over and over again during the xmas season!

E. Fernandez @ Modish Vintage said...

my Sofie got quite a few on her list and one that she and her brother has been asking for months now is Nintendo DS (sigh) not sure if I will give in...we'll see.

CelticKnot said...

Wow, you both are SO cute! You're such a wonderful mom.

Schar Freeman said...

This is a wonderful and touching Christmas sosorosey story Jennie! A special memory for you both. Your talking Rudolph is adorable!

Mele Kalikimaka!!!