Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Favorite Fabric Finds

TGIF!  I survived the dentist... and no cavities!  Woohoo!  In celebration, here are a couple of new fabrics coming to sosovintage over the weekend:

The top one is my favorite for this week, but the birds are a close second.  I have the bird one in yellow/green birds on pale blue, so it was neat to find it in this colorway as well.
Wishing you US readers a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! 


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Hmmm, i think I'm in a bit of a quiet mood, so my favourite this week is the bird one :o)

Yay to no fillings!!

Have a great weekend Jennie.

Ribbons Undone said...

Wonderful news--no cavities. Phew! Fortunately, my brother-in-law is my dentist. He's gentle and goofy at the same time. Really helps everyone feel more at ease in the chair, especially my kids.

Your vintage fabric finds are always fun. I like the first one too. It's got that Marcia Brady feel!

Happy Mother's Day to you too. Enjoy your special day!